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Terrazzo Floors – Pasadena

Why Terrazzo Network



The Terrazzo Network is an independent online resource dedicated to the art and science and education of terrazzo flooring. The Terrazzo Network’s mission is to educate Architects, Designers, Contractors, Facility Owners and Homeowners in Pasadena on the most current and unbiased information regarding the design, installation, and care of terrazzo floors.


Nearly all of the information on terrazzo floors found on the internet is found on the proprietary websites of material suppliers, contractors, and contractor member trade associations. The Terrazzo Network of Pasadena offers the most complete independent online resource for information about terrazzo flooring, installation and design, including technical information, photographs, a directory of terrazzo installers and product suppliers.

The terrazzo network can be used as an educational tool; as well as the starting point of bringing together technology and skilled craftsmen to create the artist’s vision in the form of terrazzo flooring.

Frequently Asked Questions



Yes, is one of the most sustainable floors available. It can contain recycled glass and other aggregates, but it is the most sustainable for its life cycle. A terrazzo floor rarely if ever needs to be replaced, so while other types of flooring create trash (hazardous in some cases), terrazzo in many cases, can be refinished or restored at the end of its life cycle, restarting the whole cycle with no removal or replacement. Even when terrazzo is replaced, it is rarely removed, rather the new flooring will go directly over the top.



Microfiber applicator can be used for basic soil cleaning. Heavy wear and solid removal may require use of a floor scrubber. Place a soft-type pad on the the floor scrubber. Using a neutral cleaner, scrub the floor surface. The cleaning cycle program should be monitored by the amount of foot traffic. As the terrazzo floor ages the maintenance should always be maintained to ensure a long clean life.

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& Layers

Terrazzo craftsmen create walls, floors, patios, and panels by exposing marble chips and other fine aggregates on the surface of finished concrete or epoxy-resin.

Traditional cement terrazzo is installed over a solid, level concrete foundation that is three to four inches deep. After the forms are removed from the foundation, a one-inch layer of sandy concrete is added.

Before this layer sets, terrazzo workers partially embed metal divider strips in the concrete wherever there is to be a joint or change of color in the terrazzo. For the final layer, terrazzo workers blend and place into each of the panels a fine marble chip mixture that may be color-pigmented.

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Terrazzo Floor


Polyacrylate based terrazzo is U.V stable and can be installed to the exterior as well as the interior. Any aggregate like marble blends, mother of pearl blends which is abalone crushed shells, recycled aggregates like glass, porcelain, concrete, and metal can be used in both terrazzo types.

Also shapes and medallions can be fabricated on site by bending divider strips, or sent out to be cut by water jet. When the terrazzo is dry, it can be ground it with various grinders, also referred as floor grinder/polishers. Voids left by the grinding are filled with a matching grout material and hand-troweled for a smooth, uniform surface; it is then cleaned, polished, and sealed.

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Terrazzo Floors

Components of Terrazzo


Terrazzo Matrix

The matrix is the binder, usually epoxy resin or modified cement, that holds the aggregate together, and is polished with the aggregate to provide a long life cycle.


Terrazzo Aggregates

Aggregate is comprised of any natural or man made material such as marble, granite, glass, quartz, exotic sea shells and even precious metals can be used.


Terrazzo Sealers

Sealers provide extra stain resistance from various chemicals such as beverages, cooking oils, food condiments and many other liquids. Also sealers help with long term maintenance.


Terrazzo Strips

Terrazzo flooring strips play an important role in the finish of terrazzo. Terrazzo divider stripes are used for many reasons. They are used for joints to help control cracking, for pouring by helping maintaining consistent thicknesses, designs, dividing colors and patterns. They come in all shapes and sizes and are made from metals or plastic.