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Terrazzo is a building material that is mixed and poured in place for floor and walls. It consists of marble, quartz, granite, glass, or other suitable chips, mixed and poured with a binder. Terrazzo is cured and then ground and polished to a smooth surface or otherwise finished to produce a uniformly textured surface.

Terrazzo floors are a mosaic floor consisting of aggregate chips, such as marble, bound together with a matrix binder, such as cement. Which is then honed and polished together and sealed, creating a beautiful and lasting floor.

A Terrazzo floor has a long and rich history dating back to the renaissance and possibly further. During the renaissance Marble craftsmen brought home the scrap pieces of marble and laid them out on their terraces, sealing them with goat’s milk. Terrazzo has come a long way, but one thing remains constant, it is still one of the most beautiful and timeless floor options available.

Most modern terrazzo floors done in Palm Desert is typically thin section and can be cementitious which is cement with modifiers, but it is most often epoxy resin. Epoxy provides a stronger matrix and also is available in more vibrant colors than cement.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What colors does terrazzo come in or how do I pick a color?

Depending on the type of terrazzo flooring, it can be just about any color. Pick a matrix/binder color from a paint color fan deck. The aggregate can be selected from a wide variety of aggregates. Contact us if you need help with this process.


Can all terrazzo floors be repaired?

Yes, they are made of epoxy or cement materials with various aggregates such as marble, glass etc. It is recommended to find a contractor that knows how to work with color and resins for perfect match. This takes great skill.

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& cleaning

The long life cycle and ability to rehabilitate Terrazzo at the end of its life cycle make Terrazzo the most sustainable floor option available. Recycled aggregate can also be utilized for Earth friendly construction.

Cleaning and maintaining of a terrazzo floor is simple and inexpensive. It is typically cleaned no different than any other hard surface. There are many ways to maintain terrazzo for long term maintenance especially in climates such as Palm Desert.

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Today, most of the terrazzo installed is both poly acrylate and epoxy terrazzo. The advantages of this material over conventional cementitious terrazzo includes more and better design options, such as selections of colors.

They can be applied as thin as ¼”-⅜” in thickness, is lighter weight, faster to install, higher strength, and less susceptibility to cracking. Epoxy resin–based terrazzo should only be used for interior applications. Epoxy-based terrazzo will fade from U.V exposure.

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Terrazzo Floors

Components of Terrazzo


Terrazzo Matrix

The matrix is the binder, usually epoxy resin or modified cement, that holds the aggregate together, and is polished with the aggregate to provide a long life cycle.


Terrazzo Aggregates

Aggregate is comprised of any natural or man made material such as marble, granite, glass, quartz, exotic sea shells and even precious metals can be used.


Terrazzo Sealers

Sealers provide extra stain resistance from various chemicals such as beverages, cooking oils, food condiments and many other liquids. Also sealers help with long term maintenance.


Terrazzo Strips

Terrazzo strips play an important role in the finish of terrazzo. Terrazzo divider stripes are used for many reasons. They are used for joints to help control cracking, for pouring by helping maintaining consistent thicknesses, designs, dividing colors and patterns. They come in all shapes and sizes and are made from metals or plastic.